The 2023 Keyport St. Patrick’s Day Parade will be SUNDAY, MARCH 26th at 1pm

Other Board Members

Lawrence Vecchio

  • KBBC President
  • Business Owner, VRI Homes

Melissa O’Connell

  • KBBC Vice-President
  • Business Owner, Funhouse

Yulia Kravchin

  • KBBC Secretary
  • Business Partner, 3BR Distillery

Ann Boyce

  • Board Member
  • Commercial Property Owner

Donnie Blanks

  • Board Member
  • Business Owner, Real Gymm

Joseph Merla

  • Board Member
  • Commercial Property Owner

Douglas Weider

  • Board Member
  • Keyport Borough Representative

Genevieve Andrews-Kelley

  • Business Owner- The Parlour

Rose Araneo

  • Mayor

Christopher Demarest

  • Councilperson

Jay Falting

  • Resident